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Kulley Christman

Kulley Christman, Reporter

I'd say that my favorite clothing brand is Nike - I know it's generic but it's all I wear.

My favorite song is Fireflies by Owl City but I know by Polo G is a close second.

My quarantine story is I have never had covid I haven't even gotten tested which is good for me.

My least favorite home chore is definitely cleaning up my dogs poop, I hate it with a passion.

My role model is Aaron Rodgers. He's a great guy and he's one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Some of my hobbies are I like to play Xbox and play basketball, I really only play 2k on Xbox though.

Which sock do I put on first is a weird one, I put my right sock on first.

If I was an animal I would be a Bald eagle because they are protected from hunting and they're very cool.

My favorite food is most definitely anything my grandma cooks, she has never let me down.

I think I notice someone's eyes first because it is pretty normal.

My favorite store is definitely Best Buy as soon as you walk in you see some new phone or computer and I like that.




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Kulley Christman