Name: Marissa Kendrick

Grade: Sophomore


Favorite Place to Eat: I don’t eat out much, but I like Chinese food, especially egg rolls. I also like the chips and quesadillas from Jose Locos.


Favorite Music Artist and Genre: I listen to a lot of different kinds of music such as country, pop, Christian, 80’s music, and more. I don’t have a favorite artist or genre, I just enjoy listening to music.  


Snapchat or Instagram: I use both Snapchat and Instagram, but if I had to choose which I like better, it would be Instagram. This is because there is more you can do on it, and I think it’s just more interesting.

Favorite Series or Movie: My favorite TV series would probably be Friends. I’ve watched all the episodes at least three times, and I still love it. I will most likely end up watching them all again sometime. I enjoy many shows but Friends tops them all.

Marissa Kendrick, Writer