Hannah Holt

10th grade


Favorite Place to Eat: Personally my favorite place to eat is Steak and Shake.  The Cajun Burger with fries is one of the best things ever made, in my opinion.


Favorite Music Artist & Genre: My favorite genre in music is hip hop/rap, and my favorite artist would have to be Eminem. He’s such an inspiring person, because he literally came from nothing, and now he's one of the biggest stars out there! It just proves that with hard work, you can do anything.


Snapchat or Instagram: Snapchat definitely, it’s where I talk to all my friends, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without that.

Favorite Series and Movie: My favorite series is Riverdale. It's such a cool show ,and it just grabs your attention and keeps you involved. My favorite movie would have to be The Conjuring 2. It's a super scary movie, but it has a really great backstory. I overall think it's really cool, because I love scary movies.

Hannah Holt, Writer