Real Life Applications Of High School

Logan Winters

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While going through our core years of education, we have always been taught that we will need the skills we learn when we make it out into the “real world.” Yet, there is little balance attained between practical and purely academic skills taught. Although it is true that there are many basic skills taught in school that we actually do need, there is still a lot taught that we don’t. In this article, I’m going to be focusing on required classes that I think are extremely unnecessary. I will also focus on some of the topics that I feel should be discussed in school as necessities.

It is pretty self explanatory that we are going to need basic algebraic and grammatical etiquette in life, but some topics such as history, science, and upper levels of mathematics and English provide students with an abundance of purely academic knowledge that will never be used for anything more than a simple conversation starter. The problems with these classes are that it teaches useful skills for a great minority of the workforce, and leaves many people who have finished high school feeling like they retained all of that knowledge for nothing. If they even retained the knowledge at all. A study done by Herald University found that on average “First-year college students forget up to 60 percent of material they learned [in] high school.” This just goes to show how skills gained in high school have few real life applications, and are easily forgotten due to their few practical uses.

We have already established how high school is a place of purely academic knowledge, but there is a topic just as important that is worth discussing. Once in the real world, people often