Snapchat Streaks

Marissa Kendrick

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Snapchat is a relatively new social media platform used by 150 million people daily. Streaks are a part of snapchat and were introduced in 2016, and since then they have been very popular. Many people spend time and effort keeping these up, even for years.

A streak is created after two people snap each other a picture or video within a 24 hour period every day for three consecutive days. To continue the streak you snap each other a picture or video every day. When one person doesn’t send a snap in that margin of time, the streak is lost.

Some teens take these very seriously while others don’t care that much and don’t try hard to keep them up. Markeese Ball is an example of this. He is a sophomore at Hillcrest and isn’t super set on continuing a bunch of streaks. Markeese currently has 20 streaks, the highest being 141 and lowest being 3 days While this might seem like a lot to some people, it’s really not that much. Hailey Flores is another student here at Hillcrest and someone that keeps up streaks. She currently has 22 streaks, the highest being 613 days and the lowest being 19 days.

Even though Hailey is good at keeping them up, some of the people she has streaks with aren’t. When someone is responsible for losing their streak, Hailey says it makes her mad but, “only for a second because after a minute I don’t care that much anymore.”

So, if you’re planning on starting streaks, make sure it’s with people that will keep them up. Although, if they don’t, don’t get too butt hurt about it because we are all teenagers and get busy at times.