Teacher and Students Pet Peeves

Ariel Crichton

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  A pet peeve is something that a particular person finds especially annoying. Hillcrest is full of things that bother people. From words that get said too much, to teachers giving out too much work, pet peeves are common. Personally, to me, the worst thing that teachers can do is try to be to extra nice to their favorite students. For students, it’s when they make sounds for no reason at all, or they say words out of context or just too much. So, I asked teachers and students about their personal pet peeves.

I started with asking teachers about their pet peeves.To be honest, only two teachers had the same answer and that’s out of the four. Wadsworth, the Holocaust teacher, said his biggest pet peeve is when students use the word “literally.” Reineri and Gewinner say that they hate phones out when they are trying to teach. Lastly Stebbins said, “My biggest pet peeve about students is when they don’t pay attention in class, refuse to write anything down, and then are shocked that they are not doing well in the class.” These are all very understandable. During every class you  hear, “put away your phone” or “put away your headphones.” But, teachers are not the only ones with pet peeves.

Students also get annoyed with teachers. My personal pet peeve about teachers is when they try to be all buddy buddy with you, or when they make you call them things that you don’t want to call them or is to weird to call them. That’s why I also asked students what their biggest pet peeves are. Anonymous, “I don’t like when teachers give you a one page study guide, then give you 50 questions on the test. I also don’t like when teachers don’t stop talking while you’re trying to do your work.” Taylor Weatherford says that she hates when teachers give you work