Second Multi-day Severe Weather, Tornado Outbreak Looms for U.S.

Skylar Caruthers

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By Skylar Caruthers


A severe weather outbreak happened last week going into the week of April 15th. Multiple tornadoes have touched down in southern Texas but none of them caused severe damage. More than 60 tornadoes touched down in the U.S. during third week of April. There was a tornado confirmed in Higgins, Texas and another one in Oklahoma.


At least 9 people died from the storms last week. Thursday morning April 18th tens of thousands of people were without power in the southern part of the U.S. There have been storms happening everyday, and it looks like its getting worse. If I was able to go to the cities and visit the damage, I would. The storms could get worse. The severe outbreak is still happening during the fourth week of April.