Hidden Halls of Hillcrest

Shannon Riley and Kaley Porter, Reporter

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Hidden Halls of Hillcrest

By: Kaley Porter and Shannon Riley

You might’ve seen Snapchats or even posts on Instagram about the “hidden” passages inside Hillcrest, but are they really “hidden?” Hillcrest journalists had an exclusive interview with a fellow explorer of Hillcrest. They took us on a personal tour of Hillcrest showing us the hidden Hillcrest that few know. The building plans of Hillcrest are confusing and complicated, but if you look closer you can see empty spaces that could be overlooked as nothing.

Below the surface of Hillcrest are passageways. Most of the time they are empty but sometimes when things go wrong they are used for maintenance on the pipes and other things like the boiler that exploded at the beginning of the school year.  Most of the ways to enter the passageways are either locked or closed shut, so that no one would be able get get in. We could find no specific reason about why these were built. No one seems to know anything about them other than that they exist.