Next Year’s Plays

Ariel Crichton, Reporter

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Next year will be bittersweet as Mr. Gideon, the Drama teacher, will sadly wrap up his final years at Hillcrest.  He is excited about the plays “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in the fall and “Ordinary People” that will be performed in the spring.

“25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” will take place in the fall. It is a comedy based musical about a group of middle school students who have won their local spelling bee and now are at the regionals to win. If they win that they move on to the national competition. Some of the kids in regionals have been to nationals in the past. It’s a great character show, because the kids are just hilarious. Some kids will be playing children younger than who they really are, and likewise, some kids will be  playing older roles. There’s a woman who runs the spelling bee who is a past winner, and there’s also the principal of the middle school who is the announcer and pronounces the words.

There will be an audition workshop a week before auditions where a choreographer comes in and teaches a bit of a dance. The accompanist will teach a little bit of a song with the help of Mrs. Futrell. During audition week, everyone sings and everyone dances. Students trying out will dance in groups of 8, and sing in groups of 6. We will call people back to read for the leading roles. They will sing the same song, but alone. The third day the show is casted. The show will have a cast of twelve to fifteen people.

Mr. Gideon encourages people to audition for “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” because there are parts that do not sing and some smaller parts along with bigger parts. The play isn’t a ligament musical, because it’s more focused on the characters than big voices.

“Ordinary People” will take place in the in April.  It is a drama about a family who is coping with the grief of losing their oldest son in a boating accident. It’s a story that probably is taking place in a lot of homes in Springfield, so it’s a story that Mr.Gideon wanted to bring to the stage at Hillcrest. It deals with a lot of issues like guilt, grief and depression, but it has a very strong message of survival. It will be staged with the audience on stage, so they will feel like they are a part of the action. For “Ordinary People” Mr.Gideon may do CJ style auditions, and then have people call back to read for main parts. there will be 12-15 roles.