Ariana Grande Review

Anjeraea Evans

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Ariana Grande is one of the world’s best singers. She is a Grammy, Teen Choice and iHeart radio winner. She has already broken many records and continues winning today.  Currently, she has most streams of an album in a week, which she previously broke with her second album, Sweetener. Ariana has a total of 5 albums, 2 eps and many singles. She has been featured on many songs and has collaborated with other artists on her own work.

Ariana has released 5 albums and 2 Christmas extended plays (EPS). Her albums are Yours Truly (2013) , My Everything (2014), Dangerous Woman (2016), Sweetener (2018), and Thank you, Next (2019). The EPS are Christmas Kisses (2013), Christmas and Chill (2015).

The albums are in different genres. In Yours Truly, Ariana wanted the album to have more pop and be very girly compared to Dangerous Woman, which is more sexual. This also differs from Sweetener and Thank You, Next which express mental health and how Ariana feels.  

Yours Truly Released January  1, 2013.                                             5/10

Yours Truly, is Ariana Grande’s first album. It has 12 songs. The album is described as a throwback to R&B. ¨On the album, Grande co-wrote six out of the twelve tracks. ¨  

Popular songs

  • ¨The Way¨ ft. Mac Miller
  • ¨Right There¨ ft. Big Sean
  • ¨Piano¨

Favorite Songs

  • “Baby I”
  • “Better Left Unsaid”
  • “Honeymoon Avenue”

Songs rated from Greatest to Least

  1. “Piano”
  2. “Honeymoon Avenue”
  3. “Baby I”
  4. “The Way ft. Mac Miller”
  5. “Right There ft. Big Sean ”    
  6. “Love’n It”
  7. “Better Left Unsaid”
  8. “You’ll Never Know”
  9. “Almost Is Never Enough”
  10. “Tattooed Heart”
  11. “Daydream’n”
  12. “Popular Songs”


My Everything (Deluxe) Released August 25, 2014                                              8/10

My Everything is Ariana’s Second album. The album has 15 songs (the original has 14 songs). The album is described as more mature and to be a different genre compared to Yours Truly. The album features Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Jessie J, The Weekend, Big Sean, Cashmere Cat, and Zedd. It also Includes Childish Gambino and Asap Ferg. Each and every song changes a different beat and make you have a different emotion.

Popular Songs

  • “Love Me Harder” ft. The Weekend
  • “Bang Bang” ft. Jessie J, Nicki Minaj
  • “Break Free” ft. Zedd
  • “One Last Time”
  • “Problem” ft. Iggy Azalea

My favorites

  • “Problem” ft. Iggy Azalea
  • “Be My Baby” ft. Cashmere Cat
  • “Only 1”

Songs Listed from Greatest to Least

  1. “Only 1
  2. “Problem” ft. Iggy Azalea
  3. “Be My Baby” ft. Cashmere Cat
  4. “Love Me Harder” ft. The Weekend
  5. “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”
  6. “Break Your Heart Right Back” ft. Childish Gambino
  7. “Why Try”
  8. “Intro”
  9. “One Last Time”
  10. “You Don’t Know Me”
  11. “My Everything”
  12. “Bang Bang” ft. Jessie J and Nicki Minaj
  13. “Break Free” ft. Zedd
  14. “Best Mistake” ft. Big Sean
  15. “Hands On Me” ft. A$ap Ferg


Dangerous Woman Released May 20, 2016                                                 9.5/10

This album really changed the game for Ariana Grande’s career. Just like My Everything, there are so many different emotions involved.  It starts with a sweet melody and continues on with powerful vocals. This album includes 15 songs. It has many features but most of the songs are just Ariana and her amazing vocals.

Popular Songs

  • “Dangerous Woman”
  • “Side to Side” ft. Nicki Minaj
  • “Everyday” ft. Future

My Favorites

  • “Moonlight”
  • “Sometimes”
  • “Everyday” ft. Future
  • “Know Better/Forever Boy”

Songs Listed from Greatest to Least

  1. “Moonlight”
  2. “Sometimes”
  3. “Everyday” ft. Future
  4. “Knew Better/Forever Boy”
  5. “Touch It”
  6. “Dangerous Woman”
  7. “Thinking Bout You”
  8. “Bad Decision”
  9. “Side to Side” ft. Nicki Minaj
  10. “I Don’t Care”
  11. “Be Alright”
  12. “Into You”
  13. “Let Me Love You” ft. Lil Wayne
  14. “Leave Me Lonely”
  15. “Greedy”

Sweetener Released  August 17, 2018                                 10/10

After 3 years of no new albums, Ariana comes through with a different sound. The album has 15 songs. Many people don’t prefer this album but I think it’s amazing. It differs from every album she had made. In this album, she explores her mental health and her female power.

Popular Songs

  • “No Tears Left To Cry”
  • “God Is A Woman”
  • “Breathin”

My favorites

  • I love all the songs

Songs Listed from Greatest to Least

  1. “R.E.M”
  2. “Everytime”
  3. “No tears left to cry”
  4. “Breathin”
  5. “Sweetener”
  6. “God Is A Woman”
  7. “Goodnight And Go”
  8. “Successful”
  9. “Better off”
  10. “Raindrops” (“Angel Cries”)
  11. “Get Well Soon”
  12. “Light Is Coming” ft. Nicki Minaj
  13. “Blazed” ft. Pharrell
  14. “Borderline” ft. Missy Elliot
  15. “Pete Davidson”


Thank you, Next Released Feb 8, 2019                                             1000/10

I consider this album to be the best one she has made. The album contains true emotion and is written very well. It varies from upbeat songs such as ¨Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored¨ to a slow sad song ¨Ghostin¨ The album has 12 songs. Thank you, Next has broken many records and continues on today.

Popular Songs

  • “Thank you, Next”
  • “7 Rings”
  • “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”

My Favorites

  • “NASA”
  • “Imagine”
  • “Needy”
  • “Ghostin”

Songs Listed from Greatest to Least

I believe everything on the album is equally great.