Paper or Technology

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Paper or Technology?

The most commonly asked question within Hillcrest would be, “Do you have a Chromebook charger I can use?” The question most commonly heard until a few years ago was, “Do you have something I can write with?”  Hillcrest became one to one district in 2015. One Chromebook to one student is the meaning of one to one district.

The three-year technology effort for training and technology implementation is called Ignite, which was supposed to put “modern technology and tools to use,” said Superintendent John Jungman at the beginning of the 2017 school year. Hillcrest journalists found out how our school really feels about Chromebooks and paper assignments by talking to our fellow classmates and teachers.

Hillcrest journalists asked Shelby Sullins about how she felt about Chromebooks.  Shelby sees the positive and negatives aspects of technology. Shelby Sullins said, “Learning with paper and pencil makes it easier for me to understand my school work, and it is easier to take notes.”  Shelby feels she retains more information when writing things down rather than just going through the motions of typing.

On a positive note, Shelby likes the fact that typing is quicker and more efficient. “Chromebooks are faster, and they also give us the chance to turn in work after the school day is over. It gives us a chance to check our grades almost right after we turn something in,” states Shelby.

Mr. Wadsworth, a history teacher at Hillcrest, says, “I have never switched over from paper.” He is one of the many Hillcrest teachers that hasn’t moved to technology and has no plans of switching over anytime soon. He also stated that the test scores since Hillcrest has switched to technology have been lower. Lower test scores and cheating becoming more of an everyday thing. The teachers at Hillcrest also have noticed that students forget things easier, so many offer both paper and pencil exercises as well as technology-driven assignments.