Drop Out or Not?

William Drennan

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Drop Out or Not?


So if you had the choice to drop out of high school for $10,000, or would you choose to stay in school and get free college? Well, we asked people that exact question. Here’s what your peers said.


The first person we interviewed was Adam Methvin. He said that “Dropping out for

$10,000 dollars is a dumb idea.”  His reasoning was, “Why would you drop out for $10,000 dollars when you could go to college to get a job that would pay that in a month?” He also said, “I understand why someone would drop for the money but that’s not a very good decision for your future.


The second person we interviewed was Mason McGeehee. Mason states, “Do you realize how quickly you’d spend $10,000?  Going to college is the obvious choice.”


The last person we interviewed was George Owens. George said, “This isn’t really a choice in my opinion. It’s clear what you should do.  No doubt going to college is better for your financial future.” George concluded with, “I agree with what Mason said.”


So it seems that 3 out of 3 people we interviewed agreed the going to college was the better option. I think almost everyone would choose as these three students did.  What do you think? Complete the poll to see what others said.