Clubs and Classes

Vicky Price

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Clubs and Classes

Are you thinking about joining a school club or maybe learning something
new? Here are a few things for you to look through! Whether you’re joining for
the experience, or for a resume or just to support a friend, it’s always a good
idea to get involved with your school.

Gay-Straight Alliance
GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), is run by Ms. Lindsay in her classroom on
Wednesdays. The group starts after school and goes to 4:00. In there,
members talk about upcoming events for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole
and for our small Hillcrest community.

Diversity Club
This club’s sponsor is Maestro Gumucio, and it is open to the whole school. In
it, members discuss the meanings of diversity and learn about various
cultures. The club takes field trips and meets on the second Monday of every
month. There are only two meetings left this year though, so if you’re
interested, you’d better hurry!

Nerd Club
This group is led by Mr. Gewinner and meets on Thursdays after school. The
members get together to hang out and play games such as Magic! If you’re
interested, talk to Mr. Gewinner and see about joining!

If you’re interested in singing and competing, choir might be for you! This is a
class, not a group and you’ll need to register with the school counselor for
next year. Choir students have a lot of practices and take a lot of pretty cool
trips. Meetings depend on your class schedule.

This one is also a class, taught by Mrs. Weter. The class teaches you how to
use and master photoshop and different aspects of capturing the perfect
picture. If you’re looking to pursue a career in photography or learn a new
skill, you may want to check it out next year.