Mrs. Williams’ Embarrassing Moments

Hannah Holt

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Teacher’s Embarrassing Moments

Mrs. Williams is an outstanding and remarkable teacher, and she never fails to help
you or put a smile on your face. She’s always there when you need her and she
hardly ever makes a mistake, but all teachers have their flaws.

Embarrassing moments happen for all of us no matter what. We are human, and we make errors.
When asking her what her most embarrassing moment was, she said that she cannot pronounce her R’s.

“Being an English teacher, it’s very hard for me when I’m
teaching a class and cannot even pronounce my R’s. It’s very embarrassing.”
When asking her what it’s like to have that experience she says, “It’s very hard,
especially when talking to adults because they are more judgmental than children.

Children will usually laugh it off and forget it, but adults, not so much”
For her, what she did in the classroom did not change. She was very aware that it
might be awkward but that’s why the kids love her. She is herself. She does prevent
mispronunciation from happening because she doesn’t really say many words with R’s in them.

Even if it’s funny, she still finds it embarrassing.
She said that she believes that her embarrassing moment isn’t all bad. Although its
happened to her repeatedly, she still chooses to make a joke out of it with the kids.
She’s truly a courageous teacher. Mrs. Williams shows that no matter what
embarrassing moments you have, you can still overcome them and be the best you
can be.