4 Day Week

Logan Winters

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Having four days in a school week is a system that is definitely not new, and has
already been implemented in many school across America. Schools that have
decided to undergo the process of making the switch have already paved the way
for other schools like us to use the system. A four day school week would work
exactly how you would expect it too. You would get three day weekends, but would
basically have all of those missed Fridays tacked on to summer break.
There would be many benefits of switching to this type of education calendar. One
study done on the Melstone School District in Georgia shows that switching to 4 day
school weeks decreased the amount of disciplinary referrals by 73%. This is
because the students were more focused due to the fact that they were more well
rested, resulting in fewer classroom disruptions. In turn this lack of disruptions also
created a boost in student performance. This can be said for many other cases of
switching to 4 day school weeks too such as the School District of Oakridge in
Oregon. Another change that the Melstone, and Oakridge districts experienced
was a 20% increase in student attendance.
Admittedly the 4 day schedule is not for everyone, and doesn’t come without its fair
share of cons. One obstacle that would be challenging to overcome about the
schedule is that it would be hard for parents working a 5 day work schedule to
adapt. This would mean that the parents would have even less opportunities to be
involved with their child's academics. Another con of the proposed schooling
calendar is that it would interfere with summer breaks. In turn this could also affect
holiday vacations such as thanksgiving by lowering the days that students get
Changing to a four day school week certainly has its pros, and cons but it’s a topic
that is worth considering. Some students that have switched to the system have
gained a lot from the extra rest they have been getting. While other students have
been negatively affected due to the fact that this disturbs how their Fridays play out,
because of transportation issues. In conclusion, the use of a 4 day school week is
practical, but a school district must balance the pros and cons
of how it will operate for it to actually work.
Source used: https://vittana.org/12-pros-and-cons-of-a-4-day-school-week