Electric Love Assembly


Alexis Webster and Alex Kepler

The LPA Assembly was a hit for Hillcrest. Although it was delayed due to the week of snow days, Hillcrest Cabinet still made it work, and it was one to remember. Originally the Assembly and the LPA dance were supposed to be on February 3rd. It was moved to the week of February 6th. 

The LPA assembly had many different activities and entertainment The Hillcrest Blue Wave Band welcomed the Hornets into the HPER. JROTC kicked off the assembly by representing the colors with the Hillcrest Choir singing the national anthem. Cabinet hyped up the students by a blind-folded obstacle course game with upperclassmen and lower classmen participating. The seniors and juniors won that game with their group picked by HHS Cabinet. 

The Varsity Hillcrest cheer team prepared a routine that they had performed at the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in early January. The cheer team modified the routine and presented it to Hillcrest students at the LPA Assembly. The students got to see this performance for the first time. 

Next, the LPA candidates walked the court and the crowning was announced… at the game later that night. The king candidates were Tracen Tate, Zao Shatto, and Braxton Baker. The rest of LPA court was juniors, Akarius Staten-Ballance and Holten Pyle, sophomores, Levi Smith and Mikey Lee. Lastly freshman, Diesel Shatto and Jackson Miller. 

Cabinet members Abigail Phillips and Emily Clotfelter, prompted students to send in pictures and videos for a memories video cabinet members are planning to make. They said to send in those pictures and videos to @hillcrestcabinet22 on instagram and the email is [email protected]. Help out your cabinet members and send in your memories!

After that announcement, a classic game played at all LPA assemblies was the famous musical chairs. All of the LPA candidates get to play this game against each other. They played interesting music for the game, and it tricked the players into thinking the music stopped. There were many misunderstandings and much confusion during the game due to their competitiveness. Mikey Lee was the winner of the LPA assembly musical chairs. 

We left the LPA assembly on a great note. We rushed to the floor and did our traditional “I believe” chant. Jude Cochran was on the shoulders of Aiden Myers, leading the chant. The crowd was hype, and we sent off the Hornets with great luck for the Boys Basketball game against Camdenton later that night. 

Read our next article to hear about spirit week, the insane game against Camdenton, the LPA king, and the LPA dance.