Apple Watch Series 8 Review

Apple Watch Series 8 Review

Raameen Shakeel, Reporter

The Apple watch series 8 is a smart watch introduced by Apple. It introduces: temperature sensing for deeper insights into women’s health. It has crash detection to get help in an emergency, sleepIntroduce the film/book.

This watch was released on Friday September 16, 2022. It has safety features like Fall Detection,18 Emergency SOS, and high and low heart rate notifications that make Apple watch great for older family members, even if they don’t own an iPhone. Calling, texting, and location sharing provide an easy way to stay connected with the family. It also has heart rate monitor, blood oxygen detection, ECG readings, sleep tracking, fall detection, and loud noise monitoring. 

I think the Apple watch series 8 is pretty cool, and I would say that you should buy an Apple Watch if you want to spend less time on your iPhone, and more time out and about. If you love the idea of super convenient tap-to-pay, and advanced health and fitness tracking appeals to you, it’s an invaluable tool. And it has many cool features like its water resistance and the new temperature sensor and crash detection. 

2022 is a big year for the Apple Watch, but the Series 8 isn’t the star of the show. It’s hard to spot the differences between the Series 7 and Series 8. You need to sleep with the Apple Watch for five nights to establish a baseline. Once that’s completed, you’re only going to see deviations from that baseline. You’re never really going to look at your wrist and go, “Oh, I have a fever because my temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.” 

The Apple watch series 8 is a fine smart watch, but it almost has the same features the series 7 have. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it does add helpful health-tracking features and a new crash detection feature, so if you’re into tracking your health and your workout then that’s the thing you were looking for.