Overwatch 2 is Worth It!


Cara Ocasio, Reporter

Overwatch 2 by Blizzard Entertainment is a online team based first person shooter game with moderate violence and vulgar language Meaning in real life, players all around the world will be with you. This game is not recommended for ages below 12. Overwatch 2 is the series of Overwatch 1. The newer one dropped on October 4, 2022, while the old one came out May 24, 2016, so there is a 6 year gap between the games.

You get 5 players per team, a tank, two dps (Damage per second), and two supports. You can go into some game modes like role queue where you choose one of the previously stated roles, open queue where you can choose whoever you want, or last but not least, mystery heroes where it will put you on a random character for you to play. These three are the classic game modes called unranked and normally are played for more of a relaxed and not as aggressive games. On the other hand, you have competitive play where you play for a rank such as bronze, silver, platinum, diamond, masters, grandmasters, or top 500. Each rank has a tier list from 1-5 one being worst, 5 being best, (example Bronze 3), but no need to worry all you need to rank up is to win seven games in a row. Though if you lose 20 your rank will sadly decrease.

While the games are fun, it has a drawback. That said drawback is the community. You would think most of the community would be sweet and nice, but it is very toxic. Most of it being either racist or sexist or the gross mixture of both. This gem has its bad apples, but it also has its diamonds. While most of the community is toxic, you can still encounter the sweetest and kindest people.

While the community in the game play is not the kindest. You don’t have to play just the actual game play, you can give custom games a try where you’re more likely to meet the kinder side of the community. Custom games are where the community, including you, can test out your creativity and make your own modes, or just relax and chat with people online.

While the normal modes are player vs. Player, the new gamemode that will be coming to Overwatch 2 would be “Story mode!” You will be experiencing the entire story of how Overwatch became a thing and the events that followed after. The story mode will put you, and maybe a few others, together to fight against A.I enemies. This may limit the disrespectful chat, but it could still happen with your teammates.