Beef and Grief


Jadyn McCall, Reporter

Steak ‘n Shake is an American casual restaurant chain found primarily in the Midwestern United States with locations also in the South, Mid-Atlantic, and Western United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Gus Belt founded Steak and Shake on February 1934, in Normal, IL, their headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. More than 150 million people visit Steak and Skake each year. Steak and Shake are known for its steakburgers and milkshakes.

Steak and Shake have been serving food for over 85 years and are loved by most. Their menu has a variety of different steak burgers and milkshakes, and each meal comes with free fries just as a thank-you for coming to their restaurant. Steak and Shake has a 3-star rating overall. 

I have only been to Steak and Shake once, and my experience was ok. We got a nice table but when our food came out there were onions on our burgers even though we asked for no onions. Our milkshakes also saisted very staring, that could have just been because they make them homemade. Other than that, the people were very nice and very helpful. They also seated us down fairly quickly. The store was very nice and clean and had a nice retro vibe.

Camryn Summers says that overall it is a great place to eat. She usually get 2 kids sliders meal with fries and an M and M milkshake. Although the fries are a little small and the wait to get your food is long. “Just talking about it wants me to get Steak and Shake,” says Summers.  

Overall, Steak and Shake is a restaurant, but maybe not the place where you want to eat. The waiters are not nice and usually get your order wrong. The theme of the place is fun and retro but could use a little remodeling. The overall rating of Steak and Shake is 3 stars.