Basketball vs. Softball – One Student’s Perspective

Basketball vs. Softball - One Students Perspective

Chassity Durham, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what a high school sports player playing two sports thinks about the sports? Camryn Summers is a freshman at Hillcrest High School. She is a 15-year-old that plays basketball and softball at Hillcrest. 

Camryn started playing basketball at 3 years old and has been playing ever since. She’s been playing Stingers since 8 or 9 with the Hillcrest High school coaches, too. She plays basketball because she loves it, and wants to go to college for it. Camryn has also been playing softball since she was 4 years old because her mama wanted her to try, She keeps playing softball because it’s out of basketball season she likes softball but not as much as basketball. 

When comparing the two sports, Camryn said softball is way much harder, because you can’t expect what is going to happen. Unlike basketball you know how the game is more likely to go. Some things she hates about these sports are, basketball has a lot of conditioning and is a lot more intense. Softball is pitching. It takes a lot of power and when your arms hurt it’s super hard to do. Camyrn’s favorite part of these sports is, Basketball is fun because of ball handling, friends, and coaches. Softball is fun with fielding, friends, and coaches.

Basketball has 3 times as many people on the team and also has 3 different teams all players work together as a team. There is actually drama in basketball, so it can be annoying and stressful. With girls you never know what will go done. There are a lot more diverse levels. In softball, everyone gets along so it’s nice to know there will hopefully be no drama and you don’t have to be mad at anyone. Also, they have been playing with each other for a while so when the season starts you don’t have to get to know everyone, and it’s also helpful that they keep in contact with everyone and are friends. Coaches can be fun but they can also be a pain Camryn says,¨ Basketball coaches make practice more intense. They are more serious and more helpful. Softball coaches are more fun and let things go as a flow.”

Camryn Summers likes basketball much more and encourages everyone to go try it out and start to play. It may seem very scary at first like it was for her, but she says you will not regret it. Camryn is a freshman and plays on varsity for Hillcrest High School how cool is that? Club also really helps to make you better and gives you a ¨family¨.