Crawford, Murphy’s & Tilly’s Involvement in Helping to Build I-44 Highways New Roundabouts

Crawford, Murphys & Tillys Involvement in Helping to Build I-44 Highways New Roundabouts

Jade Dunn, Reporter

Ending in August of 2022 Crawford, Murphy & Tilly inc. helped to complete the Marsh  Field I-44 project. With the I-44 highway being hard to access for people living southeast of Marshfield, Missouri seeked to lessen the traffic flow in this area. The two worked together to complete a special project allowing a better flow of traffic and in a matter of two years the project was completed. This project in the end helped to contribute to the financial growth of Missouri and improve travel options.

During this project Mark Dunn a Design and Construction Engineer helped to contribute in a part of the design process included in this project. Mark helped to map out the existing terrain and helped stake drainage and roadways around the bridge area so that they could design a new bridge with round abouts. This made it to where if they had to dig anything up or remove something to build on another already existing article, they would know what their building on and what not to dig up.

This project came to cost around 19 million dollars in total. Though it was expensive, it has given countless people a new route of travel and accommodated traffic changes. MoDOT now continues to work to improve Missouri, and Crawford, Murphy & Tilly continue to complete projects of their own within the community.

Mark Dunn the design crew chief quotes that “Today’s design ticket is tomorrow’s dig ticket”. As people continue to help create new designs, there will always be people to help complete those projects and creations. Furthering the growth of the people in Missouri and giving companies and businesses the chance to advance.

As Missouri grows MoDot and other companies like Crawford, Murphy & Tilly will continue to work hard to work to improve the conditions of our community. Working on more projects and buildings in the area just as they have worked together to decrease the circulation of traffic and make things more accessible for everyone. With the I-44 project people can now easily travel from southeast Marsh field in both a safe and easy manner.