Springfield’s Metal Scene


Peyton Martin, Reporter


Every music scene has to have competition. Many promoters seem to have a few bands in their back pocket, and sometimes it can be difficult to book shows. They rely on making money from bands they enjoy, or bands they are one hundred percent sure will make them lots of money. And, if they are lucky enough to get booked over these other bands, they will not get promoted as much as others. It is almost corrupt, with lots of favoritism involved. Many people aren’t even aware there are this many metal bands in Springfield. That’s why Facebook groups like The Springfield Metal Live are important. It’s a small community that bands can use to spread information, so they don’t have to rely on the promoters entirely.

“There really is something for everyone in terms of heavy music locally,” Joshua Price says. When asked about local bands Price exclaims, “There have been tons of killer heavy metal acts in Springfield. Right now these are the guys to check out: Revoked, Mortal Review, Martyaloka, Endeavor, Life Eternal, Cavil, Glass Lotus. These are the guys making waves locally. That’s just a small few. There have been some that are no longer around that were amazing as well. For sure. Very heavy.” He also gave Death May Die as a recommendation for people who are not as into screaming vocals. Many of these bands are current and are still releasing new music, keeping the metal scene alive. 

New music is something that fans always watch out for, and they always want more from the bands they love. When asked about upcoming concerts and music, Interrogation Point’s Joshua Price mentioned opening for Soulfly on March 8th, 2023, at the Outland Ballroom, playing along with bands Bodybox, Drift, and Martyaloka. Interrogation Point has also been working on a second full release,  songs looking to hopefully debut at the opening of the Soulfly show. The new record is reported to be heavier, and one of the most dynamic albums Price has ever done. Price says, “We are about halfway through the demo process right now, and it’s definitely going to be different from Fight for Truth.” The new record definitely has some new changes fans of Interrogation Point are going to be looking forward to. 

Interrogation Point is not the only band with upcoming music to be released, Spider Corpse is currently working on their second studio album. Drummer, Chris Hansen also listed off a few ideas that he might be interested in doing, like a big four tribute. The next Spider Corpse show, Crushfest, is set to be on March 18th, 2023 at the Outland Ballroom. The show is for all ages and features the bands’ Spider Corpse, Face The Wheel, Dying To Exist, Dead Orchestra, and Agentz of Khaoz. Face The Wheel also has three other confirmed shows, and hopefully a mini tour, scheduled for this upcoming year. 


Many young music fans are heavily involved in playing the music themselves. Joshua Price gave some great advice for upcoming musicians. “1. Be true to yourself and your tastes. Do not cater your creativity to someone else. If you like the music, chances are you aren’t alone. 

  1. Learn your music theory, and apply it’s information to create an infinite pallet of music. 
  2. Put yourself in a group of semi- like minded musicians. Meaning everyone has the same goal, but different ideas on how to achieve it. That will make all the difference.”  Chris Hansen when asked the same question preached the importance of practicing and sticking to your values. “Practice, Practice, Practice, play what you like. Speak the truth.. even if it gives you haters!!!  I enjoy the hate lol. Don’t go in trying to be the next big thing or a big star…do it for the love of the music…rewards will come naturally at all levels. And…be sure to practice lol.” 


“In the end, it’s simple. We do this because we love music regardless of what someone else says. We push ourselves every day to become a better and more talented at what we do. We cannot ever forget that. Go to college and chase that mastery of the violin. Become the next Tim Henson, and do it for the love of music. You will always be happy,” Joshua Price says, summarizing everything the other musicians have said. All these musicians had one thing in common with their advice, staying true to what to love and believe in. These might be very different bands, with very different people, but metal is the thing that connects them all. 

Where To Find Them:

Facebook: Springfield Missouri Metal Live 

Face The Wheel: 

Facebook: Face The Wheel

Tiktok: facethewheel.official 

Spotify: Face The Wheel 

Instagram: Facethewheelofficial 

Interrogation Point: 

Facebook: Interrogation Point

Spotify: Interrogation Point

Spider Corpse: 

Facebook: Spider Corpse

Spotify: Spider Corpse