Promised Neverland: A Manga Review

Promised Neverland: A Manga Review

Elyza Por, Reporter

Promised Neverland is a Japanese manga series, animated by CloverWorks and directed by Mamoru Kanbe. It is a series where Emma, Norman, and ray, the three gifted kids learn the disturbing secret that their “home” orphanage is hiding. They are dedicated to lead the other children in a risky plan. It is a show that can get the audience hooked with its dark plot. 

When the first episode starts, the audience knows that something bad is going on, because of the scene and the plot that was in the first episode. The orphan thought it was a happy place for them to stay, but it turn out the exact opposite. The orphanage is a frightening place, that no one could imagine, viewers witness the emotion of the 3 main characters Emma, Normal, and Ray. They vow to make a risky plan for all of the children to escape.

When the series began, I find it a bit disturbing. It contains material that might be inappropriate for a younger audience. Even though it contains a dark and frightening plot, it still has a heartfelt meaning. The dialogue and plot are really well-built, which makes the audience really invested in the show. The characters are really different which gives the audience an amazing insight into how they developed throughout the show. There is also a really good shocking plot twist that is very built at the end of the show. 

There are 12 episodes, so it might take a long time for certain audiences to finish. It is on many platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, etc. Funimation is a free platform, but there are a lot of ads, so I would not recommend streaming there. I would rather purchase a subscription for better streaming. There are not many negative things about the show. It is just a bit disturbing to some audiences that might watch it. I would like to point out that it is a masterpiece. It includes a well-built storyline that makes the audience hooked. The animation is also really well done, it is beautiful and really well drawn. Recommend watching it, especially if you like dark fantasies, science fiction, and the thriller genre; it would be the perfect fit. 

Lastly, if you want to have a great watch, pay close attention to the character and the storyline. It will give a lot of clues throughout the show. The three gifted kids are hopeful and dedicated to saving all the children that are stuck at the “dark” orphanage. It is a heartfelt and meaningful story, so I really recommend watching it.