Netflix series Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story Review


Mia McCaslin, Reporter

Netflix series Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story is directed and produced by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. Showing the story and background of one of the most known United States serial killers. 

When the series starts, it has Jeffery Dahmer in his apartment complex showing him as an average guy. Dahmer has a very concerned neighbor worried about the awful stench coming from his apartment. We can recognize something is off from the beginning with how the neighbor hears weird sounds coming from his apartment. Then when asked what the smell is, he dismissed it as spoiled meat. We can quickly tell that the series would eventually take a big turn after we realize that he has taken multiple guys home, and then they were reported missing. However, we then get a look into how Dahmer’s life was as a kid and how Dahmer got a fascination at a young age for roadkill and the insides of animals. Later to find out that as Dahmer got older he became a serial killer. 

In my opinion, I believe that there are some negative sides to this series, such as the added details about some of the victim’s stories. For example, when Tony Hughes left and came back for his “keys,” he never actually left, Dahmer had killed Tony before he got a chance to leave. One other negative aspect would be how Netflix claims that the show is told from the victim’s and family’s point of view. However, Netflix never made contact with any of the families according to Rita Isbell who is Errol Lindsey’s sister another one of Dahmer victims, and her article on Insider about the show making many of the victim’s family’s upset and feel as if they are “reliving” the tragedy again.

This Netflix show has a few negatives, in my opinion, but the show itself was acted and scripted well. I believe that the show is good and helps a lot of people see what went on and happened. I also think it can be disturbing to many viewers and send chills up your spine. Due to how great the acting was, and how accurate the background story of Jeffery Dahmer was played.