Field Notes on Love: A Novel Review

Field Notes on Love: A Novel Review

Rimma Kucheynik, Reporter

After reading the book Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith, I’ve developed a strong opinion about it, its plot, climax, characters, style, and more. Just by the title alone you expect this book to be specific notes on love. It actal has nothing to do with how to get love. Rather than just two teenagers that got to experience it. 

Field Notes on Love is a book with two characters that need to get away from life, even for a little bit, because their lives were changing with school and them having too much on their plate, they were just being stressed out all the time. The interesting part was that this book was written with two main character perspectives. Throughout the book, each chapter will casual flip view points and characters. It’s a romance book about two teenagers that go on this adventure onto a train and living their life out, the calm after a storm. Both of the main characters were dealing with heartbreak in the beginning of meeting each other. Their way of getting away or having a little peace and quiet is to get away onto the train, where they later on met, and got to know each other.

Personally I loved the book. The storyline was great, the characters were well thought through. Everything was clicking in my head as I was reading it. I got so sucked into the story, I thought I was there and was living in it. Connecting different parts of the story because not only would I have to read about one character, but I would have to read about two. As I was reading about these characters, I felt myself building an emotional bond with them.

 When I just started reading the book, I would get very confused about whose perspective I was reading. Just understanding some of the parts in the book was difficult because it switched narrators much. Some parts had nothing to do with the actual storyline but it was still nice to just read it. 

Overall the book is interesting. Being able to read from two different perspectives is something you can’t always do. Having the capability to do that built a closer bond between the reader and the main characters. The downside of being able to do that was getting confused from which character was the narrating during the chapter.