Dog – a Movie Review

Dog - a Movie Review

Hailee Hughes, Reporter

The 2022 PG-13 Movie called Dog, starring Channing Tatum, is a stunning, surprising comedy with a meaningful story behind it. Dog is a MGM/United Artists release movie, with many happy, funny, and exciting parts but it also has a few sad, heartfelt parts. This movie is not entirely based on a true story, but pieces of it are inspired by Tatum’s real life experiences and some real events. The movie represents Tatum’s love for his dog, which he lost in 2018. He made a movie inspired by his dog Lulu. 

Channing Tatum, playing an army sergeant named Jackson Briggs, got let go of his job. He then came back to the army base with the follow up of a request to take a retired military dog named Lulu to a funeral of her previous owner. Lulu had trauma from previous events in the army so she wasn’t friendly. Even though Tatum agreed to take Lulu, it was going to be a rough ride for him. 

This movie is very entertaining, it will have you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next part, but also trying to fight back tears at some parts. Personally, I loved the movie, I didn’t think I would before I watched it, but it turned out to be such a good movie. This movie is so heartfelt, and it’s hard not to pay attention. It grabs your attention from the start, and it makes you stay interested from all the funny, exciting, and even sad parts. This movie has a very interesting and amazing back story. I just love how it relates to the movie and ties it all together. 

Some parts of the movie did make me angry because I was so involved with what was going on, I didn’t like some decisions the characters made. Some things were confusing about the movie, so you really had to pay attention if you didn’t want to miss anything. They didn’t make a few things clear in the beginning, when Tatum fell, and when he went to visit his daughter. You didn’t know what was happening until you watched it a couple times and focused on it. Parts like those you kind of just had to figure out some things since they don’t tell you directly. Other than that there is nothing else bad about the movie.

Overall, this is a fantastic movie with an amazing back story. It is a really good comedy and also a really good heartfelt movie. So If you like dogs, Channing Tatum, and good movies, then this would be a perfect match for you!