On Patrol Live Review

On Patrol Live Review

Chassity Durham, Reporter

On Patrol Live is a reality series. It is hosted by Dan Abrams and cast hosts Sticks Sean Lakins and Curtis Wilson. There is live footage from different police departments on Friday and Saturday nights from 8-11 pm shown on Reelz. This is worth watching. 

Reelz is a streaming service it cost $5 a month. Camera men follow different police departments around 24/7 and film every move they take. The stuff that’s not filmed on Fridays and Saturdays sometimes gets shown, but they mostly show what happens on those days. The police Officers NEVER know when they are on air. They just do their jobs while they get recorded. The police officer will do what they have to do and explain a little about what just happened. The host and co-host talk about the stops that are live and give their feedback. 

OP Live is the best live police reality show. OP Live shows police officers live and shows what they have to go through in a day to day life. The show helps people understand the law enforcement processes and why they have to do what they do. It also shows people that police officers are not bad people, and police officers aren’t always after people. They help with lots of things in people’s life or the community. Overall, it’s just a very good information for those people who are interested and want to become police officers. 

The only really bad thing is that if an Officer messes up, it will show that, but these cases go to court and get resolved. It also shows shootings, so it can be sensitive to people. There are also lots of OD and other drug-related stuff. It’s definitely a mature audience show, so a 5 year old shouldn’t be watching it by themselves. 

On Patrol Live is definitely a show I would recommend if you want to see an Officer’s day to day life. It gives you very good information and shows what officers have followed because of the law enforcement rules. There are so many good things in the show, but it can also be a sensitive show for some viewers.