7Brew Coffee: Is it Worth it?

7Brew Coffee: Is it Worth it?

Kaitlyn Owens, Reporter

Are you looking for some good coffee? 7Brew Coffee is the place to go for drive-thru coffee. It just opened up on December 3, 2021. You can find the new location in Springfield, Missouri just off on Glenstone and Kearney. If you’re looking for a good place to get some good coffee and support a small business, head on over. 

Many are very excited about the opening of this new place. All you have to do is drive- thru the parking lot; it is very simple. Their prices are just a little bit cheaper than Starbucks but not much. People seem to be enjoying it, because it is very busy in the mornings and the afternoons when people are getting off work. 

Personally, I think that 7Brew is a great place to go for coffee or other drinks as well. Even if you don’t like coffee you can still get something. They have smoothies, teas, and iced chai. It is just so simple to drive through the parking lot and someone will be standing there waiting to take your order. I tried the Iced Chai, and it was so good! I would totally recommend going. 

One thing that might make 7Brew unappealing is the drive-thru. It can take a while to get through the line. Some people say that their drinks are not good, because they do not taste good. Some might say they are not worth it, because they have the same prices as Starbucks, and they like Starbucks better. 

So, if you like coffee and supporting small businesses, this is the place for you! They have good prices, and all the people are so friendly. 7Brew is a great place to get your coffee in the mornings or when you just want some good drinks. Stop by one day.