FIFA 22 Game Review

FIFA 22 Game Review

Austin Miller, Reporter

Fifa 22 is a video game that you can play on Xbox, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. The creators of FIFA 22 are all of the producers from the company EA Sports. They have been making FIFA for 25 years, and it has been a fan favorite for the EA Sports community. This is a game of what Americans call soccer, and what most others call, ¨football¨. FIFA is different from the other FIFA games that were previously played and made, because there are a lot of new players and big stars who went to different teams.

FIFA 22 is a very fun soccer game, and it has gotten a lot better over the past year. Over the past year, the graphics and quality of the game has gotten a lot more clear. The players in FIFA are getting more life-like, the stadiums are starting to look more real, even the fans in this game make it feel cooler and more interesting. These new graphics are going to make the game even better for the new kids who are going to be playing FIFA. 

First of all, the graphics of this game are very amazing. They are making everything look so real, and that just makes the game even better. Another reason is the modes they have now where you play with your friends. There are two different career modes; one as a manager and one as your own player. There are also different modes you can play just to have fun. But all of the players that are in the game make the game more fun! You can play the game with your favorite player.

One thing that I dislike is the price of FIFA. $60 for a game is expensive, but if you ask me, I say it is worth it. There are also some glitches where it lags you out of the game, but it has looked like EA has made that change in the software and made an update to make that less likely to happen.

In conclusion, this is one of the better FIFA games that I have played. I recommend this game to anyone who can play it. This game is $60, but it is worth every penny. I believe that the graphics are good, the content is good, and even the fans in the stadium look good. Everything just looks so realistic, and the fact that you can play this with all of your friends just makes this even better.