Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holiday

Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holiday

Jenna Meyers, Reporter

The holidays are coming up and gift-giving is becoming more and more frequent. Something that not many think about is the environmental effects of the increased amount of waste. A Stanford study showed that during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year, waste is 25% higher, “The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage” (Frequently Asked Questions: Holiday Waste Prevention) Gifts are a huge act of love, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our love for the planet. Here are a few ideas to gift to your loved ones.  

Reuse newspaper for wrapping paper: Once you unwrap your gift on Christmas morning, often that (easily recyclable paper) is taken to the landfill. The use of newspaper as wrapping paper can be a creative and rustic replacement. Before you throw out those newspapers left on your front lawn, consider wrapping up your gifts instead! To add a festive touch, get creative! Paint over the paper or cut out images from magazines. This slight change saves so much unnecessary trash.

Hand Made Gifts: The gifting of something homemade from you is unique, and it is a gifting choice that stands out among the rest. Making something homemade allows full creative control by you. Candles, homemade cards, video collages, and baked goods are all examples of eco-friendly gifts.  

Quality Time: Something you can’t buy or replace is quality time with those that are closest to you. Simply reaching out during the hectic and often stressful holiday seasons can allow a break for those who need it. Go on walks to the parks, watch holiday movies, have dinner together, or drive around and look at Christmas lights. 

Acts Of Service: During these holidays many get behind on their daily chores or the idea of doing them all alone is an overwhelming stressor. This is where acts of service as a gift come into play! Ask your loved ones this holiday what they need help with, become that helping hand for them. Tasks to offer your service include holiday dinners, laundry, yard work, festive decorations, wrapping gifts, and cleaning up the house. Reach out and gift in a way that shows not only your love for the people in your life but also shows your love for the planet!