Terraria: 2D Minecraft or a Masterpiece?

Terraria: 2D Minecraft or a Masterpiece?

Alex Lind, Reporter

Terraria is a 2D explorer and survival game that explores a vast world filled with lots of different creatures and environments. It is a challenging game that will really test your gaming skills and your creativity. Terraria has a total number of 17 bosses throughout both halves of the game. It will challenge you throughout all parts of the game no matter the part you’re on and you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place but if you focus on getting one item at a time you will manage to reach your goal. 

One aspect I want to review is the difficulty. Terraria has a weird difficulty setting as even on easy mode you will probably find yourself struggling to kill the bosses. One of the many things that make it hard is the environments you fight the bosses in. Each boss usually has a unique environment you fight them in and you will need to make specific adjustments to said arena to make it more doable. Be mindful that not every boss has an arena you can terraform at that stage of the game, a good example is skeletron who you have to fight in his temple, but you can’t break any of the temple blocks.

Another key aspect of the game is the progression. This game’s main aspect is the progression system as it will make you feel like a God just to tear you down and kill you over and over, until you’re forced to move on to another set. This game has a great system in place as you will kill a boss, get its loot and power up, but when you face the next boss you realize you need to power up more by getting better items and try to kill it later with the better items. If you play this game you will soon come to realize that in the second half of the game is where it stops playing around and is where most players find the most difficulty. It is crucial that when you enter this stage that you focus more than you ever have and continue to push through until you get to around the mech bosses.

The one thing that made this game as good as it is is the bosses. The bosses in this game are amazing in both art style and difficulty. They have a perfect blend of being fun and challenging(except destroyer)and pushing you to continue on to get your revenge and loot from them. Do be warned that in hard mode which is the second half of the game is where you will see the bosses don’t mess around anymore. If you don’t have an arena/strategy you will most likely die over and over with little progress. One thing you have to realize is that not every weapon is for you, while you may like the shotgun, the yoyos might be a better choice. Not to mention that even though there are 17 bosses there are also these mini bosses in events. There are quite a lot of events ranging from alien invasions to pirates. These event bosses do give you some really cool items and materials, but they are optional and usually pretty hard to summon(not old one’s army though)