The Year Without a Santa Claus

The Year Without a Santa Claus

Josie Lee, Reporter

The Year Without a Santa Claus is a loved movie, because kids all over the world see how someone can be discouraged to do something they love, and be shown that they can love it again. The movie is where a Santa Claus gets discouraged, and considers skipping Christmas, but Santa’s elves and wife decide to change his mind before it’s too late. Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass directed the movie and produced it. 

Santa had a bad cold and thought it would be a great idea to take a break like a vacation. Two of his elves had gone out with Vixen to find children to convince Santa that Christmas is still important that kids, adults, etc. still have Christmas spirit. Sadly, Vixen and the elves had to get past Heat and Snow Miser before going into southtown, where it never snows, but Heat and Snow Miser can’t agree to it. What Heat and Snow Miser don’t know is that Mrs. Claus knows their mother, Mother Nature.

Personally, this movie is such a good movie to watch, especially for kids. This movie shows that kids all over the world shouldn’t lose their Christmas spirit, and that Santa’s real. Most of the adults that watch this like Heat and Snow Miser. Heat and Snow Miser have a song which attracts most of the kids, teens, and adults, because it’s a funny song and shows a lot about Christmas, it tells others not to give up on Christmas.

A negative about this movie is that there are two movies: a cartoon and real version. Most people definitely prefer that cartoon version only because it’s funnier and Joyful. Most people who watch the real version feel like they don’t like Christmas anymore and that the actors don’t fit the characters. It’s not even that good as most people think of it. 

Lastly, when choosing between both of those movies Definitely would recommend the cartoon version because when watching the movie you feel as if it were home and the amount of joy it brings children, teens and adults. Along with the cartoon being joyful you still get shown having Christmas spirit is fun and never stop believing in Santa.