Most Popular Christmas Desserts

Most Popular Christmas Desserts

Caitlin Armel, Reporter

Christmas is a special time where friends and family get together to celebrate the holidays. Every family has different traditions based on their beliefs and what they like. Every family has holiday foods for dessert, whether it’s cookies, candy, cake, pie, or something else. Every family has a favorite treat. When you’re at your family dinner for Christmas, you’ve eaten dinner with your family and you want a sweet treat, the first that comes to mind, what would it be? For Ms. Fricks’ class, the tops desserts are cookies, decorated cheesecake, ice cream, peppermint bark, and pumpkin pie.

Let’s start off with cookies. There are so many types to choose from, sugar cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin. The classic Christmas cookie is the gingerbread cookie. Cookies are super popular during Christmas and the holidays, specifically gingerbread because of the spices in them. If you have ever had a gingerbread cookie then you know they are delicious. In this class, cookies were the top pick, but when asked which specific cookie gingerbread cookies easily won. Everyone loves them, and it’s definitely the first pick among the cookies.

Decorated cheesecake is a classic. Everyone loves it, with the strawberries, cherries, raspberries, pecans, caramel, or chocolate syrup on it. It’s still amazing, and it’s a fan favorite. If you don’t have cheesecake at your Christmas dinners, you’re missing out. For the upcoming Christmas, convince your mom it’s needed. After trying this you will fall in love with it, and you will want it for any special occasion. In this class, it wasn’t as popular, but the few people who picked it really liked it, and said it was their favorite. 

Ice cream surprisingly took third. I really wasn’t expecting this. Ice cream isn’t the most festive holiday dessert, but it defiantly is still good alongside a warm apple pie. The few people that voted this agreed it was only their favorite because of the pie with it. So if you wanted to have some ice cream for the holidays, make sure to buy an apple, cherry, or blueberry pie to go alone with it. 

Coming in last is peppermint bark, with only two votes. If you like peppermint with chocolate, then this is for you! The soft chocolate with peppermint pieces on top is amazing. Use your favorite type either white, milk, or dark chocolate, and add peppermint candy cane pieces to it, and you will fall in love. They compliment each other very well, and it gives you the best taste. You have to make this for anyone who loves peppermint, they will love you forever.