Elf Movie Review

Elf Movie Review

Addison Tracy, Reporter

The movie Elf is a classic Christmas movie. This movie is a popular movie with a 4.6 star review says google. It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and the price of it is for rent $3.99 on Amazon prime video, Google play, Youtube, and Vudu. This movie came out in 2003 and became one of the most popular movies for Christmas. It’s a peppy holiday favorite for both kids and adults. The rating is PG but with some warning. There is language, drinking, “reference of nakedness in the shower”, and violence. 

The movie Elf is about a boy named Buddy who grew up at the North Pole and was raised by elves. After he grew up he figured out he was human and different so he went to New York to find his birth father Walter a businessman. After a while they figured out it was his dad by doing a DNA test. He moves in with his birth father and becomes very close with their new son.  Cast Members- Will Ferrell ( Buddy), Zooey Deschanel (wovie), James Caan (Walter), Peter Dinklage (Miles Finch), Ed Asner (Santa Claus), Mary Steenburgen (Emily), Bob Newhart (papa elf), Peter Billingsley (Ming Ming), Artie Lange (Fake Santa), Ect.

A lot of people really like that Elf is enjoyable for both kids and adults. It’s full of great quotes, shows a lot of holiday themes, and shows people with a lot of joy in the Christmas spirit. Many people like comedy movies and this one is definitely hilarious. The story line is very good and you never get lost in what’s happening.

Some parents find that Elf is “inappropriate” for super young kids due to some inappropriate language and alcohol use. A lot of people find Elf annoying or boring. Elf is a very popular movie, but some people believe it doesn’t have the best story line. Some say its not enjoyable for adults and only kids. 

Personally, I would recommend this movie any day as one of my favorite Christmas movies out there. It gets you in the holiday spirit and is just an amazing movie overall with very funny jokes and scenes. I would recommend you watch it this season.