Adele 30: Has She Changed?

Adele 30: Has She Changed?

Quinn Rasley, Reporter

Adele’s new album 30 was released on November 19, 2021. The songs in this album include; Stranger By Nature, Easy On Me, My Little Love, Cry Your Heart Out, Oh My God, Can I Get It, I Drink Wine, All Night Parking, Woman Like Me, Hold On, To Be Loved, and lastly, Love Is A Game. 

Adele is a 33 year old woman, she has one son who is featured in one song My Little Love. Adele has released 8 albums in the past, but 30 has been the most vulnerable and successful album yet. Adele is not only willing to share her challenges as an adult in general but also as a single mother. Even though this album is very specific to her story, I feel as if everyone can relate to the lyrics, no matter what age, gender, or music preference. 

The order of the songs in the album seems to be very important to Adele. The Songs Strangers By Nature, Easy On Me, and Love Is A Game are fairly relaxed but are some of my favorites. My Little Love, the third song in the album, is the most vulnerable. Songs Cry Your Heart Out, Oh My God, Can I Get It, All Night Parking, and Hold On are pretty upbeat for this album 30. Woman Like Me (song 9) gives off a very feminine point of view. Song 11, To Be Loved explains the job that was handed to her before she got to choose, how she dealt with that, and how she is still dealing today.

This album is really good, although it’s Adele, so of course it’s good! I love the majority of songs in the album, although there are some songs I skip. The songs I end up skipping are upbeat and ones I find whiny (there’s like 2 songs like this). My favorite songs consist of Strangers By Nature, My Little Love, I Drink Wine, Woman Like Me, and Hold On. On the other hand, some people don’t like Adele or 30 at all. It’s often that people say Adele is overrated. But the most common reason people don’t like Adele is because the majority of her songs are pretty depressing. Although they can be taken this way I think that her songs are meant to be relatable, so people struggling don’t feel as alone.

Adele has always been a go-to. Her songs are heartfelt and well written, and most people know all the lyrics to at least one song. Despite the negative comments Adele still stays strong and continues to write and produce #1 hits. I think everyone should take time out of their day to listen to this album. If you like Adele’s past albums, you will love 30, and I think new Adele fans will, too. I highly recommend this album, and I also highly recommend singing Easy On Me at the top of your lungs with your friends while driving down the highway.