The Christmas Story Movie Review

The Christmas Story Movie Review

Sydney Peck, Reporter

 The Christmas Story, is a classic 1983 family feel good film by Jean Shepard. With Christmas just around the corner, this familiar classic is back on everyone’s TV. 

Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsly is a 9 year old boy from Indiana who’s entire world revolves around one christmas wish, “ An official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model BB gun air rifle.” 

 From a cranky overworked department store Santa, 2 school bully’s, getting your tongue  stuck to a frozen pole, drinking your Ovaltine to get a little Orphan Annie decoder pin, and going to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner, this movie has it all.   

This is one of my dad’s favorite Christmas movies, and it has become a tradition since I was younger to watch this movie again and again during the Christmas season, especially on Christmas day. 

Surprisingly enough, child abuse was said to be a problem in this movie. When Ralphie gets soap put in his mouth because he said the “F dash dash dash word” and said he heard it from Flick, we hear Flick over the phone being “beaten” by his mother. 

 A classic fan favorite during the movie is when Flick, played by Scott Schwartz gets a triple dog dared to stick his tongue to the flag pole outside on the playground, and then the fire department has to come take his tongue off of the freezing  pole. 

This movie is a perfect way to begin and end your holiday season. Overall, it shows us that Christmas is never perfect. Families don’t always get along, the dinner might not be ideal, and you might get a pink bunny suit from your aunt, but in the end, at least you didn’t shoot your eye out, kid.