Home Alone Movie Review

Home Alone Movie Review

Nick DeRosa, Reporter

Home Alone is one of the best classic Christmas movies ever. It was directed by Chris Columbus. The main character named Kevin is played by Macaulay Culkin. The movie was released in 1990, and it is about a kid who was home alone. It was budgeted for $18 million. In the beginning of the movie, Kevin found out that they were leaving for Paris. Kevin was shocked because his aunt asked him to pack his suitcase. He yelled out, “I’m living alone,” three times. 

The plot is the McCallister family is preparing to spend Christmas in Paris. They were getting ready to leave, but they slept in.( The old man Marley was a serial killer but Keven’s brother Buzz made it up.) Kevin woke up and thought that he made his family disappear. He was home alone! 

For pros, Home Alone is an excellent movie that made a lot more money. It grossed about $18 million dollars. The actors and the developers did a good job making the movie. I like how they make the pizza in the movie. I also like how they made the movie safely, because they don’t want to hurt the actors.

For cons, I didn’t like how they made the movie fake because it’s called acting. In real life, we don’t have Little Nero’s pizza, but we have Little Caesars Pizza. The Home Alone house is not in Chicago, Illinois, it’s in Winnetka, IL.. It wasn’t nice to say, look what you did you little jerk.

The Home Alone movie actors were played across Illinois. It is a good movie and you should watch it sometime in the future around Christmas time. 

Merry Christmas Hornets, and a Happy New Year.