Springfield Conservation Center: Review

Springfield Conservation Center: Review

Jenna Meyers, Reporter

As the name suggests, this is Springfield Missouri’s Conservation Center and their goal is clear: they want to further educate people about the importance of conservation! This isn’t your average lesson though. They want to make it as interesting as possible for all ages to enjoy. A few examples of their unique education include detailed nature exhibits, programs for the community to join in on, hunting and fishing permits, and free conservation brochures! 

If you aren’t sold on the education aspect, you’re in luck, the center is known for its beautiful trails. They take you through the vigorous nature life of the Ozarks. Many reports see mink, deer, and other broad selections of wildlife. They have picnic tables for lunches with the family or some alone time with nature and a lookout over a pretty body of water. With 80 acres total, the possibilities are almost endless. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. 

Almost was the keyword there. If you are wanting to bring your furry friends on this fun day out, it’s not allowed. For many independent hikers, their animals are a source of protection, and this rule for the trails is a huge determining factor on whether or not they want to go. If not bringing your pets is a deal-breaker, the Springfield Missouri Conservation trails are sadly not for you. When calling to ask about this rule for my own visit a conservation worker stated, “Pets aren’t allowed because it does not align with our conservation values.” While this is a con to the experience, it’s still nice to see they stick with their values as an organization, and for that, I find their reasonings are strongly respectable. 

Overall, I recommend this trail for people of all ages. There are kind and welcoming conservation officers in the building who were willing to answer all my conservation questions. I learned a lot about the area’s protections for all the wildlife that call the area home. I was able to get a hiking workout all while viewing the beautiful scenery that the trails have to offer. I believe the organization has good intentions on the teaching of conservation that everyone should take the time to learn and understand. If you’re ever near the Springfield Missouri Conservation Center I’d heavily recommend checking it out.