Maid Series Review

Maid Series Review

Riley Barr, Reporter

“Maid” is a very heartwarming story that goes in all different types of ways. It is full of mystery and suspense. “Maid” is a Netflix original released in October 2021.

“Maid” is about a 25 year old, Alex, who loves to write. In the first episode, she was laying on the bed after an argument with her boyfriend, who had just punched the wall next to her. She ends up getting up to get her daughter, Maddy, and leaves the house. Alex and Maddy are then homeless for a little while. Alex looked for so many jobs and finally found “Value Maid’s” and got the job. Alex and Maddy are in and out of houses starting from domestic abuse homes, halfway houses, friends and relative’s houses. 

I liked how in one scene, Alex found everything out about her dad and what he did. It gave me so much relief to know what happened. The way Alex was handling everything that happened to her was honestly amazing to me. 

It can sometimes be confusing in some parts, because the directors didn’t make some of the scenes very clear. The flashbacks were cool, but they had me confused sometimes. “Maid” has a few thrilling scenes in it, which are really cool, but they are totally off topic to what the show is about. 

I would give “Maid” a solid 4.5/5 stars. I do recommend “Maid”, especially to people who love suspense and tragedies.