Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker Review

Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker Review

Katie Randall, Reporter

My Mini Waffle maker by Nostalgia is a great  waffle maker for small pancakes and small breakfast. My Mini Waffle maker is $39.99. You can make hashbrowns, French toast and golden brown waffles and many others.

The waffle maker has a red light for when your maker has finished with cooking your waffles. These come in various colors. The mini waffle maker has a 5 inch cooking surface. 

I feel as if this product is very well put together, and no matter what you’re making, you can count on it to be delicious. This waffle maker is so easy to use! All you do is plug it in, and cook your waffles. Leave all the hard work to the waffle maker.

The cord is only 2foot long so it’s not a long cord at all, but it’s still easy to use. Sometimes after a while the item may wear down and it may be hard to see the light or it may not work anymore.

To sum up everything that was just stated is that, this product is the best to use for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. It’s super easy to use and super fun to experience.