Halloween Kills Review

Halloween Kills Review

Audym Smith, Reporter

The new Halloween movie called Halloween Kills, directed by David Gorden Green, is about the thrilling murders committed by Michael Myers and how people in the town  try to stop him. 

When the movie starts you are thrown back into the last movie and how Michael Myers sister tried to kill him, but did succeed and was left with several injuries and rushed to the hospital in the back of a pick up truck. We are able to see the house that they thought Michael was dead in burning to the ground as firemen rush to the scene. 

 In the show, there are some good aspects like there is a really good plot on how Michael gets around the town in search of his sister that he has been trying to kill for years, as you know if you have seen the previous movies. The background characters are well put together, and some you were even sad when they met their demise, but others were not that well.  I think a really good aspect is that they add the characters into the movie that were survivors in the past movies. 

Michael was incredibly harsh and weirdly playful with his victims often using harsh and extremely painful ways to kill them. And most of the characters were not liked, and did have any aspect other than causing problems and their presence always ended badly.

So to sum all this up, the movie was good in some ways. There were some really great characters and some not so great characters. Michael was undeniably more harsh and brutal with his victims which caused some discomfort in watching the death scenes, but if you’re into really graphic movies this would be a good choice. And I can agree that this was most definitely not the best movie, that movies in the past were way better, and to me it was not worth the money.