Titanic Movie Review

Titanic Movie Review

Morgan Cook, Reporter

The movie Titanic really grabbed my attention. Mainly from my friends or just from other people talking about the movie, and I decided that I wanted to watch it. This movie is directed by James Cameron, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and was released on December 19, 1997. 

This movie is mainly about the travels on the famous boat Titanic and what really happened on this boat. Most of the stuff in this movie is realistic fiction. In the movie, you see Rose and Jack, the two main characters, fall in love with each other and face the troubles of love with being so different from each other. Also Rose is having trouble with how things are with her and she is very unhappy at the beginning of the movie. 

I think this movie is a must watch because it’s a classic, and it’s very sentimental and a good movie. For me, there are some scenes that are inappropriate, but the rating for this movie is only PG-13. The movie is also very interesting, and it’s not predictable. It’s not hard to sit through this movie, and watch it even though this movie is a very long 3 hours. 

On the other hand, this movie could be hard to sit through. Maybe only because of how long this movie is. Also in this movie, it’s hard to watch all these people die while trying to survive the crash. What happens with all of the children and mothers that passed away during this time is very heart breaking. 

I believe you should watch this movie, because to me this movie is interesting and very intriguing to watch. Also this movie will somewhat educate you about what happened during this time. This movie shows how life was on the Titanic, and how the “rich people lived on this boat, and the difference between the “poor” people. I think you should watch this movie 100%.