Jane The Virgin Pulls People In

Jane The Virgin Pulls People In

Natalie Arbuthnot, Reporter

If you are struggling to find TV shows to watch on Netflix, might I suggest Jane The VirginJane The Virgin is about Jane Villenueva (played by Gina Rodriguez) and how her life is plays out. During the whole series, the narrator (played by Anthony Mendez) keeps the story going and lets you know stuff you maybe didn’t know. He says, a lot, that the show may be a telenovela and then half way through the season he tells the audience that it is a telenovela.

The story starts out with her getting accidentally artificially inseminated with Rafeal Solano’s sperm. Jane grew up Catholic, she has always been Catholic and plans to remain Catholic. During her childhood, she grew up with her mother, Xiomara Villanueva (played by Andrea Navedo), and her Abuela, Alba Villanueva (played by Ivonne Coll). She didn’t grow up with a dad because her mom got pregnant at a young age, and he wasn’t around, but she finds him a little bit later. He is a famous telenovela star, Rogelio De La Vega (played by Jaime Camil). She made a promise to her abuela that she would wait until marriage to lose her virginity. And, that’s exactly what she did, even with many temptations. 

During the time Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated by Rafael Solano (played by Justin Baldoni) , she was dating detective Michael Cordero JR. (played by Brett Dier). The two of them met at Jane’s 21st birthday party, and let’s just say the party was pretty loud. Michael comes to the door as a police officer because someone filed a noise complaint. Jane mistook him for a stripper and ended up accidentally shooting his gun at the ceiling. After the party was done, Michael was still there. Jane and Michael ended up sharing an ‘epic kiss.’ They were dating for years at the time of Jane’s pregnancy.

For the show being a telenovela, a lot of things are predictable, but a lot of the time you are at the edge of your seat. Jane The Virgin really is a great show, with all of the twists and turns and finding out who killed who, and the romance is on another level. The actors do an outstanding job playing these roles, and I don’t think any other actors would do a better job. 

Some of the bad things about Jane The Virgin are that it moves at kind of a fast pace, and sometimes you don’t know what’s happening. The narrator, a lot of the times, kind of spoils the story, in a way he hints about what is about to happen, so you kind of have an idea about the big plot twists that are going to happen. 

Jane The Virgin really pulls people in which makes it addicting to watch. You can watch it with your family, but beware there are some sex scenes and cursing. Other than that, it’s really good.