‘You’ Series Review

‘You’ Series Review

Bree Campbell, Reporter

You is a very thrilling series with 3 seasons available on streaming through Netflix. Season 1 began on Lifetime, and seasons 2 and 3 are Netflix originals. 

You get to watch Joe meet these women and basically stalk them and kill for them, and each one finds out he has killed before. Only one of them is accepting of the kill for her lifestyle. She goes as far as marrying him, and ultimately she turns out crazier than “Will” also known as Joe. 

One of the best aspects is the way the series draws you in at the very beginning is by showing Joe following around a girl in his bookstore. A lot of how Joe kills started when he was a young boy, the first time he killed someone.

This series will have you on your toes. One of the series’ few flaws is that season one feels a bit repetitive. But the repetitiveness is made up for when Joe has to capture someone he’s in love with. Throughout the series it leaves hints and clues for things that might happen even if it doesn’t happen.

Joe tries to seem sweet, and I’m sure his intentions are pure; however, he just is clueless on how to display this. Later in the series, as Joe tries to be a better person, his wife gets in the way of this by getting jealous of a misunderstanding. But in my opinion, this obstacle just adds to the story and makes it more exciting rather than it just being “your typical family.”

Throughout season 3, Joe attempts to show he can be a better father than his own father was. Joe clearly doesn’t want his son going through what he did when he was younger. I love that this series shows how truly toxic some people are. It’s just that some people know how to mask it better and make it seem like they have good intentions.