Jack Stauber’s Album Pop Food Review

Jack Stauber’s Album Pop Food Review

Carmen Chavez, Reporter

Pop Food is a music album released on March 25th, 2017, by Jack Stauber. 

Jack Stauber is known for putting out carefully constructed and unique music. How the Jack Stauber fandom page would describe his music is, “indie pop-synth like electronic, alternative, and avant-garde style with a unique blend of different other genres in it, like rock, lo-fi, and folk.” He has 11 songs on this album, and the whole album is 36 minutes. He puts sounds into his music that not many other artists would use. 

Jack Stauber’s music is like no other. I personally love his music and how different it is. Jack uses a synthesizer the most for his music, and it is recurring in Pop Food. It has strange sounds that makes his music so enticing. In most of his songs like Candy Eyes, he uses drums for a strong beat. In all of Pop Food, he has strange lyrics which can have many interpretations, so it is up to what the listener thinks.

Pop Food is not for everyone. There are a lot of people that think it is too weird for them. It is more for a certain type of person. Younger people are typically more attracted to it, yet it still has a very small percentage of people that like it.

If you like different music than normal you should check it out. I fell in love with this music and the worlds you can make with it.

Quote used from: Jack Stauber Wiki