Shiloh Hills Farm For The Win

Shiloh Hills Farm For The Win

Ellie Wilson, Reporter

Shiloh Hills Farm Soaps are located here in the Ozarks, and have their products at a reasonable price. Many natural ingredients go into soaps. Essential oils, herbs, goat milk, cows milk, honey, etc. As an individual who struggles with dry skin, I’ve found several things can help brighten up your body and create a glow. For a skin care routine, you should have something with hydraulic acid, vitamin C, moisturizer, and usually at least one type of herb. An amazing company I can always count on.

I think that Shiloh Hills has made some of the best handmade hygiene products in the Ozarks. They are amazing people when it comes to customer service and are always at the top of their game. The small business is wonderful in communicating the delivery.They often have holiday sales, and they create a good environment. Although they have many good things about them, Shiloh is popular and runs out of stock quickly. It usually takes about 3 weeks for them to replenish items. Their Lemongrass and Lavender Lotion is an item on their market that just came back after 2 months of being sold out.


Shiloh is growing in popularity every day and has made over 10,000 purchases from across the world. They often appear in farmers markets, festivals, and farm fests around Missouri. Shiloh Farms has reasonable pricing. Their Lotions starts at $14, their lip balms at $3, and their soaps at $6.49. Their unique and inspiring ingredients have led to good business over the last couple years and continues to grow.

This small town, Christian business has been an inspiration to many to start their own businesses. Shiloh has been very successful in marketing their products and being professional. Their natural ingredients bring people in to know more and their products attract people with skin difficulties. Their farm fresh cow milk put into these products helps people glow physically, and in confidence. I never want to go back to mixing and matching different brands when I can have everything at the tip of my fingers from Shiloh Hills Farm Soaps. 

Shiloh Hills Farms is known for their special ingredient in all their products. Cow’s milk. The two teenage girls who founded the small business were raised on a milking farm and made the best of it. They manufacture lotions, night creams, handcrafted bar soaps, lip balms, muscle rubs, body creams and lotions; all free of Parabens. They are induced with olive oils, shea butter, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, glycerin milk, and have products with fragrance, or unscented.