Vampire Diaries Review

Vampire Diaries Review

Sydney Peck, Reporter

One of Netflix’s most watched  drama’s, the series Vampire Diaries by Michael Suby. Vampire Diaries was  released in 2009 and has been a hit ever since. But is every season worth watching? 

The 8 season series is based on two brothers, Damen and Stephan Salvatore who have been living as vampires for centuries. The two brothers are constantly moving from place to place to hide their eternal youth, until Damen and Stephan find a small town in Virginia named Mystic Falls. Things start to change for them and everyone in the town.  

As far as the pro’s and con’s go for this show, each season has had it’s difficult and triumphant episodes. Season 1 was definitely not their best season, with people wanting more and saying it was dry. This wasn’t good feedback especially because it was their first season. I know when I first started watching the show the first season was definitely really slow and the episodes felt long and drug out. I was definitely not the only one who thought that. But season 4 was even worse. With people saying that “ The plotline really struggled to move forward,” and critics were wishing this season had more to it. People were not sure if the show would go on much longer. Other than season one and four being drug down, every other season seemed to be a hit! 

Some people said that season 2 and 3 were their favorite because of all of the plot twists there were, “Balancing danger and cliffhangers without going off of the rails.” Then again, viewers were surprised to see the new seasons 5 and 6 come out. The show had seemed to be coming together once again.  LaToya Fergison even said she felt, “It wasn’t enough time to bid farewell to our beloved characters.’’ Gisel A. even thought that, “It was a perfect swansong with no errors and memorable characters who keep us wanting more.” Overall season 5 and 6 seemed to be two of the best seasons so far. But here again, two more seasons!

With Vampire Diares practically over season 7 and 8 were no less than perfection to the fans. Season 8 was a perfect way to wrap up this series. Critics even said that, “Even into its eighth season, The Vampire Diaries exceeds genre expectations while still servicing fans with Nina Dobrev’s return.” I think that this will definitely influence people to want to watch the show. Even though it is hard to get into, the show is worth watching and people will definitely not be sorry they watched this series.