Pluto Nash: The Film That’s so Bad, It’s Good

Pluto Nash: The Film That’s so Bad, It’s Good

Connor Green-Bertalott, Reporter

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is one of those films that is so bad, that it marks it as a classic in film watching. If you haven’t seen this film, you’re either lucky or you’re not, because this movie is a must watch and then forget you watched it. Especially if you have seen it before, you’ll forget the entire plot after about an hour and just say that you watched the movie.

Based in the year 2087, Nash is a former smuggler who became a nightclub owner and is trying to start a new life. He finds himself in hot water with mobsters who try to beat up his former best friend Tony. Along his journey, he finds an aspiring singer, Dina, who wants to go back to Earth, but doesn’t have enough money to return home. Pluto finds her to be attractive and decides to help her out. Shortly after, he makes his nightclub the hottest spot on the moon, leading the mobsters to come and either take money, or trash the club in order for others to reap the benefits.

The biggest thing about this movie is that Eddie Murphy was an amazing actor to have on set. Although he did make money off of this movie, he really felt as though he could make a good movie out of the script he was given. He tried to make it into something, and the movie itself just flopped to the ground like a dead fish. The Adventures of Pluto Nash was one of the biggest box office flops in movie history. With the budget being $100 million dollars to film, have set design, actors, and special effects. The box office earnings on the other hand just reached above $7 million dollars. 

Warner Bros. were predicting that the movie wouldn’t be a massive hit in theaters, so with the previews, they didn’t exactly put much emphasis on going to see the movie. They more or less said, “Hey, this movie is gonna be pretty odd, so if you’re into that kind of stuff go see it, but otherwise, avoid the movie.” People weren’t exactly flooding the theaters to go see the film, because even after some critics went to go watch and review the movie, they came back disappointed, and saddened at how they just spent their money and time to go see a terrible movie. 

The movie is pretty much one of, if not the worst box office movie in history, although the movie itself is at least (in my opinion) a decent movie. An early 2000’s film based in space in the distant future with comedian legend, Eddie Murphy going about and telling his story throughout the solar system. I feel as though it’s one one of those movies where you sit the family down on the couch on a Friday afternoon and just watch the movie, no matter how bad, unfunny, dumb, or even good it is, I would recommend giving it a chance, because it takes input to actually have an opinion on something.