Golf on The Hill


Katie Randall, Reporter

The Hillcrest golf team may not be huge, but we are growing everyday. To be a Hornet golfer you must have friendships, confidence, good attitude and support.  

“The first thing golf teaches is humility, the second; empathy, and the third is patience.” -Kirs E. Wilson. A good coach is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator. Coach Fielding is all of the above, and he is much more. Coach Fielding is kind, empathetic, persistent, and he is a person you can go to when you need a listening ear from someone. 

A few of the girls had some great words to say about Coach Jordan Fielding. 

Mikyla Burkhart (Junior) said, “I think Coach Fielding is a great coach. He was very helpful and made sure we had everything we needed.”

Megan O’Kelley (Sophomore) remarked, “Coach Fielding worked really well with us, the dynamic of the team was very comfortable “laid back” but still super focused and prioritized in golf.” She continued with saying “I enjoy the way Coach Fielding always listens and respects our choice and values our says when it comes to practices and matches.”

Emily McNeven (Junior) added “Coach always had my back even if I was a pain in the butt for him. He always brought hydration and snacks for tournaments and checked up on us to see how everything’s going.”

Lady Hornets had a few Tournaments this season, some were easy, and some were difficult. Despite the course or weather conditions our girls pushed through and did the best to our ability. Some examples of this was when we played in Willard at Green Hills golf course the course conditions were rough, but the golfers still thrived through and did our best. Meets have been at big and small courses and towns. The Lady Hornets got to play in Fremont for the first time, and it is a small town but very nice course. Delilah Eisold (Junior) said her favorite thing about this season was, “Meeting other golfers, It was fun getting to know them.” 

With an outside look of Hillcrest, Coach Collins from Central was asked a few questions. “I think Coach Fielding is a great coach, a great golfer and he’s a friend of mine. He has great patience and temperament to be a high school golf coach.”  

Coach Jordan Fielding had a few things to say about this season,  “This season our team was bigger than last year. We had 9 girls on our team, which is the biggest we’ve had in 10 years. Our school is starting to realize the great things happening in the golf program. I’ve seen our girls play consistently throughout the year showing great commitment.”  Added to that, his favorite thing about this season he says, “It’s hard to pick one. One was when we placed top 10 in the Willard Invitational . I also love it when girls who haven’t played golf complete their first tournament.” 

Coach Jordan Fielding had positive things to say about each of the girls on the golf team, he comments as follows: “Hope Davis (Junior) has had a great attitude this year and I’ve seen her consistency lift up the whole team. She has shown a lot of improvement in confidence as a golfer. Emily Mcneven (Junior) Came on strong at the end of the season. She helped improve our team score.  She improved her putting and had our only birdie. Mikyla Burkhart (Junior) Played golf for her first time. Her great attitude was much needed, her swing improved with more power as the year went on. Megan Okelley (Sophomore) Also played go for her first time this year she wanted to be better everyday. She showed up to practice ready to work. Her irons and Driver improved a lot from the first this season and her putting got better too! Delilah Eisold (Junior) Grew this year and her all-around game her scores improved from last year and she did a good job helping our team commit to our goals. Molly Blaire (Junior)  Started playing for the first time this year and her swing technique got so much better as the year progressed she has a great natural ability and she built on it this year Selah Wolf (Junior) Is a new golfer with a  great swing speed she did a great job at improving her all-around game her first year was great. Olivia Attyberry (Junior) Got more confident as the season went on. She’s always been a consistent ball striker. confidence helped her score better and better this year. Katie Randall (Junior) Has improved her long game consistency all year and her scores have gotten better and better. She set a tone for each practice of hard work and focus. She did a wonderful job all season.”

Some people don’t understand what it means to persevere. Persevering is when you continue to take on a course of action even in the face of difficulty or little to no prospects of success. Golf you need to persevere even if the last hole was hard you can’t give up even if you don’t get the best score. The Lady Hornet Golfers would rather fail, fail and fail some more as long as they know they went fighting for a great score.

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. It took one afternoon on the golf course.” -Hank Aaron.