What’s In Your Makeup? Farmasi Review

Whats In Your Makeup? Farmasi Review

Riley Barr, Reporter

Farmasi is a world wide business that sells not only great quality in makeup, but also great quality in so much more! The link to the site is https://www.farmasius.com/farmasi#. Some things like face wash, baby soap, and lotions are included on the website. Most mascaras and lip glosses are so much cheaper than the ones at your local store. So if you´re looking for cheaper makeup with amazing quality, I definitely recommend the site.

My personal favorite mascara from the website is called Zen Extension Lash Mascara. Pricing in mascara ranges anywhere between $9-$25 but most of them are between $11 and $14. The Zen mascara is a volume type, and it makes the lashes very full. The eyeshadow pallets are also very nice. A couple of good low priced examples are the Glam up Eyeshadow palette and the Iconic Eyeshadow palette. I´ve seen one of the beauty influencers put some of the eyeshadow on live,  and it looked very clean and nice. Some colors that are on the Glam palette are called Stardust, Space Noir, and Golden Flash. Most of the colors with the Glam palette are all shimmery. Some colors that are on the Iconic palette are called Leader, passion, and emerald. Most of the colors with the Iconic palette are very plain but some can be shimmery as well.

Skin care is also featured on Farmasi. Some things are neatly priced and some are a little expensive. The acne bundle, Acne Regimen, is $135, it works very well and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. But, you don’t even have to get them in a bundle! You can start off with something small like a cleanser. 

The website also has fragrances for not only women but men as well! I have the Omnia for Women perfume and it smells absolutely amazing. If you like an orange scented perfume that is long lasting, I definitely recommend the Omnia for Women one.  Most perfumes are from $20-$30 which is pretty cheap compared to other perfumes. I think the quality is pretty nice in the perfumes and they last a pretty long time throughout the day.

 Farmasi is an online shop but they package everything very well and shipping is neat. It is regional, meaning there are options to choose from either Russia, USA, etc. Sometimes, you can find a beauty influencer that works with the website and you can buy locally for them. They´d have it shipped to them, then they´d give it to you, and you would give them the money. 

In conclusion, the website is very trustworthy and the makeup and skin care is great.